10 Things Outdoor Power Equipment Does That Makes Your Life Better

Lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers, generators, and other outdoor power equipment can help you get big jobs accomplished quickly – and keep your lawn and landscaping trim and tidy. And that’s more important now than ever, as homeowners increasingly use their backyards for family fun and stress management during the COVID-19 pandemic, says the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). Many people don’t realize that outdoor power equipment can make your life better in a variety of ways.

Here are ten examples of how outdoor power equipment improves life every day:

Disinfects public spaces. Pressure washers and leaf blowers are being used to disinfect public spaces.

Helps keep landscapes healthy: Mulching leaves and grass clippings with a mower or an attachment for your lawn mower help return that organic matter to the ground, returning valuable nutrients to the soil and strengthening your lawn and plant’s overall health.

Builds neighborly connections. Whether it’s an elderly person who just can’t do yard work, or a family busy taking care of an ill loved one – helping out a neighbor with a few yard chores is made easier with outdoor power equipment. Routinely, people use lawn mowers, chain saws, and leaf blowers to help their neighbors in need.

Battles forest fires. Chainsaws are a critical part of forest management, as dead trees are removed to they can’t become tinder for fires. Firefighters also use chainsaws and string trimmers when clearing areas or brush to limit fuel or to stop an advancing fire.

Cleans up serious dirt. A pressure washer can making cleaning stained or filthy concrete, pavement, buildings, and vehicles a fast process.

Rescues trapped people after an accident. When seconds count and victims are stuck in a damaged vehicle, the jaws of life are used by emergency personnel to pry open doors and get them out quickly. Many people don’t know that the jaws of life carried by fire trucks are actually a piece of outdoor power equipment. In many rural areas, utility task vehicles, known as UTVs, are used to rescue injured hikers when they are stranded in a difficult to reach area.

Aids storm recovery. Chainsaws and generators play a huge role in disaster relief. Chainsaws help remove storm debris from roads, homes and businesses. Generators provide electrical power when it’s not available.

Broadcasts the news. Satellite television trucks used by television news crews often rely on generator power to broadcast the news to the world and edit incoming video footage.

Powers an incredible outdoor party or camping trip. Your portable generator can help you power music, heat, lights and other amenities for an outdoor party to watch a sports event, or a fun camping trip.

Cleans up area debris. Use a rake attachment on your utility task vehicle (UTV) to collect fallen branches and leaves when doing a cleanup. While you’re at it, haul a tree or firewood where they need to go with a UTV, too.