3 Fun Hobbies That Can Also Make You Money

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3 Fun Hobbies That Can Also Make You Money

For most people, hobbies are about spending time doing something they enjoy. However, many hobbies involve collecting or making items, and other people may like them enough to buy them. Why not make a profit while doing what you love? Here are three fun hobbies that can also make you money.


Some hobbyists enjoy creating items from scratch. It’s not so outlandish to imagine making a bit of money on the side by selling your best crafty creations. Woodworking, embroidery, and candle making are fun pastimes that can earn you some extra profit.

Crafting may be a good hobby if you appreciate unique products that you can’t buy in the store. You can find countless ideas in books, websites, and other sources, making it easy to start immediately.

Metal Detecting

If you like going outside, experiencing nature, and finding lost artifacts, you might want to try metal detecting. Prospectors, explorers, and treasure hunters often take up metal detecting as a hobby. Those who play their cards right can make a hefty profit.

However, successful metal detecting may require some upfront investment before it yields positive results. You need to purchase the right equipment and learn the ins and outs of the trade. Knowing the most common metal-detecting mistakes to avoid will ensure you don’t get into any trouble while out on your adventures.


If crafting and metal detecting aren’t in your wheelhouse, you might want to try something more low-key. Gardening is a low-cost activity that’s good for your mental and physical health. It can also earn you extra money once you get good at it.

Selling produce at farmer’s markets and other local venues will help you pay for your new hobby and then some. If you don’t have a yard or yours is too small, you may be able to find a local community garden to participate in.

Find a Hobby That Fits Your Lifestyle

Whether or not you’re making money, learning new things helps you develop handy skills and make the most of your time. Many of the most popular activities require at least some investment. But luckily, there are numerous fun hobbies that can also make you money.