3 Of the Best Hobbies for New Retirees

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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Almost everyone has unrealistic expectations about retirement; many think it’ll be a time of relaxation and zero stress. In reality, lots of new retirees are bored because it can be difficult to adapt to all the newfound free time one has after leaving the workforce. Below are three of the best hobbies for new retirees that will help you enjoy your time off.

Car Auctions

Going to car auctions is definitely one of the best hobbies for new retirees. You’ll have so much fun researching all the different shows. Car auctions may even take you back to your youth because you’ll likely feel a rush of nostalgia when you see a vehicle from your teenage years. Car auctions are also a great way to meet other people with similar interests; there may even be fellow retirees there. You can also interact with the people auctioning their cars. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their car and the auctioning process. They’ll appreciate questions regarding the make and model, to be sure, but you should also ask them about how they made their vehicle stand out in the auction. You’ll have a blast at these events, and you’ll spend so much time researching that you won’t sit around bored any longer.


Retirees with a green thumb should consider taking up gardening in their time off. You’ll get so much satisfaction out of making your lawn look gorgeous. Start by planting simple flowers outside your house to add a pop of color. Once you get more comfortable, consider starting your own garden. There’s nothing better than eating something you’ve grown from scratch, and you’ll be comforted by the fact you grew your own food. Of course, you can also just stick to landscaping and spend your free time making sure your lawn looks beautiful.


Everyone should volunteer more throughout their retirement. First, determine what type of volunteering you’d like to do. See if there are any soup kitchens or homeless shelters looking for an extra set of hands. Some hospitals even let people sit with premature babies, so they feel comforted and loved. Additionally, animal shelters are always looking for people to help abandoned creatures. No matter which volunteer route you take, you’ll feel proud knowing you’re spending your time off assisting those in need.