3 Signs That Your Kids Need New Shoes Now

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3 Signs That Your Kids Need New Shoes Now

Buying shoes for adults is quite different than shopping for kids. Many parents don’t know when to replace a child’s favorite pair of footwear. Browse the list below to see how you can keep an eye on your child’s shoes. Ensure they always have the perfect fit. Check out these top three signs that your kids need new shoes now to keep them comfortable anytime they walk or run around.

No More Wiggle Room

You should consistently measure your child’s shoes when they’re toddlers due to their rapid foot development. Their feet won’t triple in size instantly, so consistent measurements may seem unnecessary, but never forget the importance of wiggle room in kids’ shoes. To ensure kids have enough room to move their toes freely, you should buy them new shoes if the space inside their old ones cramps their feet up. You can measure easily if you press down on the shoe and determine whether it’s still accommodating and comfortable enough. There should be some empty space in the front.

Visible Wear and Tear

Another sign that your kids need new shoes is visible wear and tear. Remember, wear and tear aren’t always easy to catch on a kid’s shoe unless you’re inspecting it.

Don’t worry—a quick look at the shoes after playtime is a swift and easy way to assess any potential damage. For instance, soles separating from a shoe are clear indicators your child needs a new, durable pair to wear. Likewise, the lining inside the shoe should remain intact, so any signs of internal damage require attention.

Visible Physical Injuries

Shoes should support your children as they run around. Unfortunately, the wrong or beaten shoes can cause physical injuries. If you notice any blisters or other signs of soreness on your child’s feet, double-check their shoe fit to see if it’s too tight. With more space to move around, your kids can more easily avoid blisters and discomfort when they’re outdoors. Check your child’s shoes now to see if they’re the right fit or if it’s time for a change ASAP.