3 Tips for Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

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3 Tips for Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

You should never have a home defense gun simply to bluff an intruder, even though you hope you never have to use your firearm. Making a thoughtful gun selection is a critical step in defense preparedness; use these three tips for choosing a home defense weapon.

1. Consider Grip Size

Choose a gun that you feel comfortable holding and firing. A solid grip is essential for safe and effective gun use. An oversized grip can make it more challenging to place your finger in the optimal trigger position and control the recoil.

When finding the right grip size, your strong hand thumb should be able to reach the magazine release button. You should be able to hold the gun with your trigger finger on the slide. And when you’re ready to fire, you should be able to pull the trigger comfortably.

2. Find the Right Weight

If you carry a concealed firearm, you might want to have different guns for home defense and CCW. Concealed weapons tend to be smaller because you want to carry them discreetly, but you don’t have the same restrictions for home defense.

Your home defense gun’s weight should be substantial enough to help with recoil, but it shouldn’t be so heavy that it impedes your maneuverability. After firing, a heavier handgun will have gentler recoil, or rearward thrust. Recoil management will help you aim faster after a shot.

3. Rent a Gun at a Shooting Range

One of the best tips for choosing a home defense weapon is to rent a gun at a shooting range. Holding a gun at a shop is one thing, but firing it is completely different. Renting one at the range will help you understand how the gun functions and feels when fired.

A visit to the range gives you the perfect environment for training; you can improve your speed, precision, and accuracy for better preparedness. When it comes to training for home defense, you also need to develop a good flashlight technique so you can positively identify a target before taking any further action.