3 Ways Cities Can Become More Sustainable

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3 Ways Cities Can Become More Sustainable

As our impact on the environment is becoming ever more prevalent, and we must start thinking about how we build and operate our cities in order to create more efficient and healthier municipalities. In doing so, we’ll help preserve our Earth and ensure our grandkids can enjoy the same beautiful, lush environments we did in our youth. Here are three ways cities can become more sustainable.

Urban Agriculture

Many people think agriculture is exclusive to rural areas where the fields are wide and the people are few. However, many people are practicing urban agriculture—growing their own food in greenhouses and preserved areas designated for agriculture. By moving more agricultural practices back into cities, we’ll vastly shorten the supply train and create far less CO2 emissions because trucks won’t travel hundreds of miles transporting food. Rooftop gardens and greenhouses are also a good and natural way to beautify cities with more greenery.

Urban agriculture encourages more people to improve their diets as fresh produce becomes more readily available and reduces the amount of plastic, cardboard, and other packaging materials used for processed foods that end up in the garbage.

Permeable Pavement

Managing stormwater can be especially challenging. The sewer systems we have now demand the water be directed towards specific drain points and pollute the soil around cities. Because the water has to move to drains, it picks up a lot of pollutants that make their way back into the environment. This makes it harder for the natural greenery to thrive, and the water isn’t even drained and managed effectively.

Permeable pavement provides a bevy of benefits for cities, but its primary purpose is to allow water to drain through the pavement and back into the soil underneath. This helps the environment thrive in urban areas and is far more effective when the entire street is its own drain.

Renewable Energy

While this has been harped on for years, the transition to renewable energy is a great way for cities to become more sustainable. The problem is we’re not making that transition fast enough. Renewable sources like solar energy are more than enough to power entire cities, that is without question. We just need to get cities to commit to installing the necessary technology. A good way to help this transition is by adding solar power or other alternative energy sources to your home so that you can do your part in creating more sustainable cities and towns.