4 Benefits of Using a Mini Split System in Your Garage

Lake Oconee Boomers

a mini split condenser/compressor unit is seen outside a garage's brick wall with a large entry door in the background.

A garage is a place to keep a vehicle, of course, but it can be so much more than that. Many garages double as workout rooms, home offices, workshops, and more. The trouble is most garages aren’t very comfortable all year round. When it gets hot or cold, an uninsulated garage follows suit, making it a place where you don’t want to linger. Fortunately, with a little insulation and installation of a mini split unit, any garage may be turned into a pleasant space for car repairs, arts and crafts, physical fitness, and the like. Here are four benefits of using a mini split system in your garage.

Climate Control

The most obvious plus of installing a mini split in your garage is that it keeps the space cool in summer and (if it has a heat pump) warm in winter. Most typical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems aren’t connected to the house, so you need the zone-specific climate control delivered by a mini split. Mini splits can keep frigid or sweltering garages at a comfortable temperature while you work or play.

Easy Installation

Mini splits are reasonably easy to install. While a traditional HVAC system requires costly ductwork that might damage walls and ceilings or require extensive modifications for installation. Mini splits just need a six-inch hole in the wall so the unit connects with an outdoor compressor/condenser unit. Mini splits are also easily concealed and kept out of the way. Even a small garage accommodates a mini split unit. Installation takes almost no time at all as well and won’t leave a huge mess behind to clean up. You’ll be working and playing in your garage in no time.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional HVAC systems use their share of electricity and gas, and that means higher utility bills. Mini splits, on the other hand, use less power than typical HVAC systems, so the few hours they operate won’t put you in the red. Mini splits have higher energy-efficient ratings and employ inverted technology that monitors the compressor speed and adjusts it as the temperature rises and falls. Mini splits “waste not” so you’ll “want not” at the end of the month!

Cleaner Air

Whether you’re cutting wood, kicking up dust, spraying paint, or performing other actions that release allergens and irritants into the air, a mini split works to filter the air and improve air quality. Mini split filters grab dust, pollen, and similar particles and improve the air’s quality. That means easier breathing for you, especially if you spend many hours in the garage or have respiratory issues.

Those are just four benefits of using a mini split system in your garage. If you want to turn your garage into a pleasant workspace and retreat, installing a mini split is a great first step!