4 Reasons Your Furnace Light Is Blinking Red

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4 Reasons Your Furnace Light Is Blinking Red

While intimidating at first glance, your furnace has a system indicating its state and whether everything is in working order. Typically, you’ll notice a solid yellow or amber light signaling adequate functionality. Conversely, a blinking red light is an indication of a defect or failure that’s impacting your furnace’s performance.

Whether it’s an interruption in thermostat regulation or a gas valve issue, there are four reasons your furnace light is blinking red. Continue reading below to learn the common problems behind furnace errors.

Flame Failure

A flame failure means there isn’t enough air or gas present to keep a steady, burning flame going. This problem could result from a dirty burner chamber, damaged burners, or excessive pressure in combustion chambers.

Failure could also result from clogged filters that trap airborne contaminants from traveling into the furnace’s blower fan.

It helps to replace dirty filters to avoid excessive particle accumulation. Fortunately, there are ways to remember when to change your air filter and keep a rigid maintenance schedule.

Igniter Failure

A blinking red light could also indicate ignition failure. If your furnace can turn on, look at how many fins on the burner function. A heating unit that’s experiencing ignition failure won’t prompt flames to burn, resulting in a furnace ignition lockout.

A lockout occurs when a sensor detects unsafe operating conditions and sends a signal to the controller to shut off the power and fuel to further prevent hazards.

Gas Valve Problem

A gas valve issue presents itself through gas lines; the amount of gas coming through the line may not have sufficient pressure to ignite the furnace. Consider adjusting the pressure knob to release more gas, but remember to check the system beforehand.

No Thermostat Signal

A flashing signal light can be an indicator of a faulty thermostat. Defective thermostats struggle to send signals to your furnace due to weak wiring in walls, so it helps to test all your connections to ensure they’re in working condition. If the connection is in stable condition, it may be time to replace your thermostat.

If your furnace light is blinking red repeatedly, it can signal several malfunctions within the unit that could result in significant damage if left unaddressed. Luckily, taking appropriate and timely action can help you address concerns before they exacerbate.