4 Ways the Summer Weather Can Damage Your Home

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4 Ways the Summer Weather Can Damage Your Home

Summer is an enjoyable season for many people. However, the warm weather can create problems for your home. Read these four ways the summer weather can damage your home for important information!

Mold on Your Roof

A roof without proper ventilation can make the attic overheat. When the warm and moist air builds up, it will condense because it has no place to go. Eventually, it will lead to wood rot in your attic and spread to your roof decking. Your shingles can deteriorate, and the excess moisture can cause mold and moss to grow in the attic and roof. It’s important to maintain the air ducts and ventilation in your home to prevent your attic from becoming too hot during the summer.

Plumbing System Issues

Your plumbing system is another thing to track this summer. Due to high water usage (swimming pool, sprinklers, garden hoses, etc.), you are more likely to experience pipe bursts and leaks if you don’t properly seal your pipes. In addition, rainy weather is normal for the season, and it’s important to acknowledge problems that can come from the seasonal rainfall. For instance, flooding as a result of no outdoor drainage is one plumbing issue to look out for during heavy rain.

Decaying Furniture and Décor

Another way the summer weather can damage your home is by collecting humidity inside your space. The temperature changes can affect your furniture and décor because the warm weather expands wooden objects. Items like picture frames, armchairs, and antique tables are more susceptible to decaying and mold growth in hot environments. Fortunately, you can use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air!

Hardwood Floors Swell

The summer can also wreak havoc on your hardwood floors. This flooring material grows and shrinks when the temperature changes. And when the weather is hot, the floors expand and swell with the excess moisture filling the gaps under your baseboards. Too much humidity exposure will cause your hardwood floors to crack and result in permanent damage. Luckily, a dehumidifier comes in handy for this problem, too! By removing moisture and regulating humidity levels in your home, you won’t have to worry about floor damage.