4 Ways To Prepare Your Farm for the Winter

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Farm for the Winter

As the season of fall arrives and you harvest all the crops for the year, it’s time to start thinking ahead toward the next season.

If you don’t take the necessary steps to prepare your farm for the winter, your farm won’t be in its best shape for the upcoming months of spring. Learn more about the four ways to prepare your farm for the winter and have a successful harvest next year.

Maintenance on Equipment

It’s best to conduct maintenance on any farming equipment and tools during the fall before the winter arrives. For example, practicing preventive instead of reactive maintenance on your final drive equipment before winter is crucial. It can be challenging to repair heavy equipment in cold weather, and the motor is necessary for moving this equipment back into a shelter.

Improperly storing your farming equipment can lead to it experiencing damage during the winter months. Cover all equipment with a tarp or underneath a barn to keep it away from cold temperatures, ice, and snow.

Conducting preventative maintenance in the fall ensures that you can keep your equipment in the best condition, move it as needed, and avoid spending hours performing repairs in the cold.

Prepare the Soil

Before the soil gets too cold, remember to remove any weeds, leaves, or any other debris from the fields where you intend to plant in the spring. One way to fertilize the soil is to use organic materials—such as animal waste or garden materials—as compost to place on the soil before the winter. As the season goes on, the soil will fertilize and be ready for crops in the spring.

Care for Your Livestock

Remember that your livestock always needs consistent care. The winter is brutal for humans and animals, so take closer care of your animals. Wherever your animals live, ensure the building has insulation and is warm throughout the season.

Check the building in the fall to see if it needs any repairs; this includes repairs for gates, roofs, walls, or any heating issues. You’ll also want to make sure to stock up on food and water for the livestock in case a winter storm passes through, limiting your access to them or their food supply.

Stock Up on the Necessities

While you may worry about all the things you need to protect and fix on the farm before the winter, remember to take care of yourself. Have warm and durable clothing at the ready. Keep some extra non-perishable foods in case of a snowstorm. Finally, ice melt and shovels are always vital to have for unpredictable weather.

As the seasons change, so does your routine of running your farm. Remember to follow these four ways to prepare your farm for the winter and stay safe during this frosty season.