5 Features You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Had

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5 Features You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Had

Smartphones are part of our day-to-day lives. We use them to contact friends, check emails, and catch up on the news. However, modern smartphones have a lot of potential, and we may not even be aware of everything these amazing devices can do. Here are five features you didn’t know your smartphone had and how they can benefit you. Some of these features may not exist on every device, but many phones have something comparable.

1. Custom Vibrations

Most phones let you choose from various ringtones and vibration options, but many phones also allow you to create customized vibrations. When picking how your phone vibrates, most models have a Custom option for you to create a distinct pattern. You can assign this pattern to specific contacts so you know who’s calling you based on the vibration.

2. Cell Signal Testing

Most people know that you can look at the bars in the top corner of your phone to get an idea of your phone’s cell signal, but it’s possible to go beyond that. Field Test Mode is a unique feature found on almost every phone. It allows technicians and other industry experts to obtain detailed information about the strength of surrounding cell signals no matter where they’re at. The method for activating field test mode varies depending on the phone model, but almost all phones have a way to access this feature.

3. QR Code Reader

It used to be that you needed to have a special app or program on your phone to scan QR codes. However, most modern devices allow you to scan QR codes simply by using the phone’s camera. Open your camera app and point it at the QR code to unlock links or files, but remember to only open QR codes from reputable sources.

4. Siri Corrections

If you have an iPhone, it may be frustrating when Siri regularly mispronounces your or your contacts’ names. If this happens, you can notify Siri of these mispronunciations and make the necessary corrections. One feature you may not have known your smartphone has is the option to correct Siri’s speech patterns, which you can utilize if you notice Siri consistently getting things wrong.

5. TV Remote Tests

If it ever seems like your TV remote isn’t working, there’s a simple trick for testing it that uses your phone’s camera. Point the remote at your phone’s front-facing camera and press any button; you should be able to tell if the remote is working by the presence of a red light on your phone screen. If you don’t see that light, it may be time to swap out the remote’s batteries.