5 Questions To Ask Before Boarding Your Dog

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5 Questions To Ask Before Boarding Your Dog

As a retiree, you’ve got a lot of time on your hands where you can travel anywhere you want to go. But if you cannot bring your dog along on your trip, you must find the right place to board them. You can do that by knowing these five questions to ask before boarding your dog.

When Do I Need To Book a Stay?

One thing you should ask a boarding service provider is how far ahead you need to book a stay for your four-legged friend. After all, you don’t want to try to get lodgings the night before you leave and find that no one can watch your pet. Instead, ask providers how far ahead you need to book.

What Vaccinations Does My Dog Need?

Another question you should ask is what vaccinations your dog needs before staying at the kennel. Many kennels will insist that your loyal friend has ones for rabies, infectious hepatitis, and canine distemper. These will protect your dog from exposure and prevent them from transmitting diseases to other dogs and people.

Where Will My Dog Stay at the Kennel?

You should also ask where your dog will stay at the facility. If the area where they will be staying is not well-ventilated or needs more room to move around, finding another kennel is probably a good idea.

Additionally, if you learn that your pet will stay in a crate or a cage all day, it is not advisable to leave them there. The service should allow them to enjoy times of outdoor recreation and exercise.

Can I Take a Tour?

It is also essential to see the kennel facilities to ensure it is a safe place to leave your dog. If they say “no” or give you an excuse, they may have something they do not want you to see. You should look somewhere else to board your pet.

What Will You Do if My Dog Gets Sick?

Finally, you should ask the kennel if they have a procedure in case your dog becomes ill or gets injured during their stay. Find out what they will do and how they will notify you so your dog gets the best treatment.

These questions can help you feel more secure when deciding who to leave your dog with. That will allow you to worry less about their safety and be able to enjoy your trip away from home.