5 Simple Ways To Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

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5 Simple Ways To Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

While landscaping is equally crucial during the warmer seasons of the year, the steps you take before the first snowfall can dictate your lawn’s health in the spring. Temperatures drastically dropping and inclement weather becoming more common can leave your yard deprived of nutrients.

Luckily, there are five simple ways to get your lawn ready for winter, so your landscape has the edge over the harsh winds, ice, and snow.

Maintain a Compost Pile

Plant trimmings, fruits, and veggies are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients to nourish your lawn. Also, sawdust and fallen leaves work fantastically as insulation. This compost material can act as a fertilizer to maintain your landscape during the cold winter months.

It’s best to avoid inorganic material since pesticides can negatively impact your greenery.

Overseed Your Lawn Weeks Before

Autumn is the optimal season to get many home projects and lawn care done as temperatures aren’t as frigid. Cool-season grasses can benefit from seeding to provide a healthy boost in the spring season.

Mow Your Grass Shorter

Leaving your grass shorter in the winter involves gradually lowering your cutting deck to introduce your yard to a lower cut. Doing so can help prevent mice from finding shelter within your landscape and other animals from burrowing during the winter.

Aerate Your Lawn

Core aeration is lawn care where a machine with hollow tines mechanically cores the soil and thatch from the grass. This approach can reduce soil compaction by creating channels to harbor essential oxygen, water, and nutrients to help lawn health. Afterward, you can apply compost or seeding to fill holes.

Utilize Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves can provide nutrition to your yard. However, you must be cautious as unused material can negatively impact greenery. If you don’t use the natural material for composting and prefer not to rake leaves, consider using a mulching mower to chop leaves and apply them back into your lawn.

With winter arriving soon, it may be time to take the necessary steps to ensure that your landscape is ready for anything the season has to bring. With these simple ways, you can get your lawn ready for winter and leave it susceptible to all benefits when spring returns.