5 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe at Work

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe at Work

The current conversation around workplace security tends to focus more on the digital aspect. However, this doesn’t mean people don’t have physical valuables with them while working. Read on to discover five tips for keeping your valuables safe at work.

Don’t Keep Valuables in Your Vehicle

If you drive to work, avoid keeping anything important in your car. If someone breaks in and steals your things, you won’t lose anything valuable. The same goes if your car is stolen or damaged at work.

If You Must Keep Valuables in Your Car, Hide Them

We just said to avoid keeping things in your car, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Maybe you have a wedding shower right after work and need to keep the present in the car. If something like this happens, keep the valuable items in the trunk where they can’t be seen.

What About Truck Drivers?

Keeping your valuables safe as a truck driver is different since the cab is the only place where you can store personal items. We recommend hiding your valuables in a portable diversion safe. It’s one of the many great gifts for truckers since it looks like anything but a safe.

Use Locks

Many would-be thieves only steal easy targets. Putting things in a locked drawer or lock box might not stop a professional thief, but that’s not the objective. The goal is to make your valuables a harder target than the next person’s. Fiddling with a locked drawer will create an opportunity for getting caught.

Don’t Brag About Your Valuables

If you have to bring something valuable into work, resist the urge to tell your coworkers. A workplace thief isn’t going to go through your desk just to see what they find—they’ll be looking for specific items. If you don’t talk about your valuables, a burglar won’t know about anything worth taking.

Leave Your Cash at Home

Another tip for keeping your valuables safe at work is to avoid bringing in large amounts of cash. It’s unlikely that you will need physical money during a workday, and most people use credit and debit cards anyway. Cash is dangerous because there’s no way to prove it’s yours, meaning someone could spend it before you even know it’s gone.

Keeping your valuables safe at work is just as important as digital security. Use these tips to protect your stuff in the workplace.