5 Ways To Help Someone Who Is Incontinent

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5 Ways To Help Someone Who Is Incontinent

As we grow older, we may see new illnesses and ailments that impede how we move through our day. Incontinence is an illness that diminishes a person’s ability to hold urine in the bladder, causing someone to urinate during inappropriate times. There are ways to help seniors with incontinence issues and make their lives easier.

Have a Frequent Bathroom Schedule

When you suffer from incontinence, you don’t have much control over when you need to go, so it’s a good idea to empty the bladder when possible. Frequent trips to the bathroom will decrease the chance of a senior having an accident in public. How long it takes to urinate will tell you how fast your body produces urine and help you track when you may be at risk of an accident.

Waterproof Surfaces

Waterproofing surfaces such as the bed, chairs, and cushions will help someone who deals with incontinence. The bladder may bend and twist at certain angles. These shifts compel urine to push out and cause accidental urination. Waterproof seating and surfaces will protect the upholstery and save people the effort of cleaning. Use plastics and waterproofing sprays to coat the areas and preserve their cleanliness.

Always Have a Stocked Incontinence Care Kit

For caregivers and nurses, incontinence kits will save you time and the trouble of cleaning someone who urinated on themselves. The kits come with different equipment such as condom catheters for men and bladder support devices for women. These kits will help people with incontinence who expect a bad day. They keep accidents to a minimum.

Be Mindful of Food and Drink

Some different foods and drinks may trigger incontinence in older adults. Drinking a lot of water and alcohol will cause the body to produce urine faster and lead to more incontinence issues. Acidic foods such as lemons irritate the bladder and cause it to release urine more often.

Help Them Lift Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy items will strain the body and may cause an older adult to release some urine. Helping older adults raise things will put less stress on their body parts, such as the bladder, and prevent them from having problems with their incontinence. Their muscles and joints will also decrease the risk of overstrain and injury.

Incontinence is an awful inconvenience in a seniors’ life. But with these tips, you will have ways of making their life easier.