5 Ways To Prepare Your Georgia Home for Pests

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5 Ways To Prepare Your Georgia Home for Pests

Due to the state’s warm, humid climate, Georgia homes are susceptible to pest invasions. Vermin of all types—including bugs, rodents, and birds—can ransack homes and decrease property value. These little guys might seem cute, but they don’t belong near your home’s foundation. Discover some practical ways to prepare your Georgia home for unwanted pests here.

Patch Up Any Holes, Cracks, and Crevices

Pests such as termites, birds, and rodents can create foundational issues, resulting in severe damage if you don’t catch the problem right away. You risk even more damage if you let the problems go unresolved.

Inspect your home and patch up any crack, crevices, or holes you find. This can prevent rodents and insects from entering the home and creating devastating problems. If your home’s interior is already at risk, expand your inspection to crawl spaces, dark corners, and the basement and attic.

Tidy Up the House and Keep Rooms Dry

Leaving messes around your house is all too easy, but it can lead to vermin invasions. Prevent bugs and rodents from intruding by cleaning up messes when they happen. Clean up any spills promptly and place a fan nearby to dry the area. Use a push broom to remove any excess precipitation from the sides of the house.

Replace Weather-Stripping

Weather-stripping prevents water droplets from entering the home through windowsills and doors. However, it can wear out over time, checking on it often to ensure it’s not going bad is essential. Make sure to take a look at the weather-stripping once a month to make sure it’s still attached. If it’s falling off, don’t force it back on; replace the entire stripping right away to prevent water or other outdoor elements from trickling inside.

Don’t Leave Food Out

You might celebrate special occasions with big feasts, but rodents shouldn’t. There’s never a good reason to leave food scraps out; this can lead to unwanted infestations.

Get Your Home Inspected

Due to the climate, your Georgia home may experience humidity damage; the first sign is pests, mainly insects. And when rodents appear, that’s when everything goes south. To better protect your home, contact an inspector to perform an evaluation. They’ll inform you of the next steps to take to prevent pests from returning.

If you live in Georgia, make sure you know how to prepare your home for pests. Your house will be in better shape thanks to your preparedness to stop vermin in their tracks.