Are Metal Roofs Loud During Storms?

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Are Metal Roofs Loud During Storms?

Have you ever been in a barn on a rainy night? Heavy rain falling onto the barn’s metal roof is typically loud, as if you’re hiding from the storm in a tin can. As a result, there’s a misconception about metal roofing: it’s always loud during storms. However, that’s not quite the truth. In fact, metal is one of the most reliable roofing options around. To delve deeper into this common misconception, let’s address a key question—are metal roofs loud during storms?

Debunking the Myth

Modern roofing techniques and materials are at a point where experts can install metal roofs without homeowners having to worry about loud wind or rainfall, among other issues. Many metal roofs on barns can sound loud in storms because the technique or materials aren’t up to current standards, or the contractor installed the roof incorrectly.

For instance, if you hire an expert to install a high-quality metal roof today, between the roof and your attic will be layers of decking or sheathing, underlayment, and insulation (unlike most barns.) With those extra layers, your metal roof won’t be louder than asphalt shingles during storms. There might be slightly more noise if your attic ceiling is particularly low, but slightly is the keyword here—it’s still not going to be as loud as a barn roof in heavy rain.

The Power of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can remain in peak condition for anywhere between 60 and 100 years, depending on the quality of the materials and installation. In addition to rainfall, metal roofing can also remain resilient in the face of heavy winds. The wind won’t be louder than it is with other roofs, nor will it tear up metal panels like it will asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is particularly adept at combating the elements, from rain to snow to fire. The fact that a good metal roof can improve energy efficiency doesn’t hurt, either. Thankfully, you won’t have to sacrifice comfortable noise levels to take full advantage of metal roofing’s many benefits.

Now, you officially know the answer to a common question: Are metal roofs loud during storms? There are plenty of debunked myths about metal roofing that showcase exactly why this material is reliable and popular. If you want your roof to last a lifetime, seek a high-quality metal roof and an experienced contractor to bring that dream to life.