Basic Ford Mustang Cleaning Tips

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Basic Ford Mustang Cleaning Tips

Every vehicle deserves proper treatment. From a classic car to a full-sized pickup truck, you should take care of the interior and exterior and protect your ride from grime. This is especially true regarding high-performance cars, like Mustangs. In fact, there are some basic Ford Mustang cleaning tips any Mustang owner or enthusiast must know to keep their ride stylish and functional.

Vacuum Hard-to-Reach Spots

Firstly, vacuum the car. Use a vacuum on the carpet, seats, dash, and package shelf to clear away any dust, dirt, and debris. Most gas stations have a vacuum station where you can use their vacuum nozzle attachment. These are made with an attachment so that you can reach hard-to-reach places. Stubborn dirt under or between the car seats will no longer be an issue.

Shine Up the Interior Trim

Your interior is the next spot to clear up. Shine the interior trim pieces with plastic, leather, or vinyl cleaner, depending on the material. These cleaners will not only give your interior a new feeling, but they will also add a new level of protection against dirt. Use a towel to wipe crevices, emblems, switches, air vents, audio systems, dashboards, and so on. A small brush can also help you access these areas.

Deep Clean the Upholstery

As mentioned, your seats and upholstery often get dirty too. While some Mustang owners know how to treat these delicate pieces, others do not. Leather and cloth are the two main seat materials. With cloth seats, use a cloth cleaner and sponge on the seats. After the seats dry, use the vacuum attachment to remove any excess debris. Similarly, with leather seats, use a leather cleaner to remove any stains with a clean towel. Be careful with this, since using too much force may remove the leather’s dye. You should also know how to remove the upholstery to do a deep cleaning. Then, use a vacuum to clean within and under the seats so that you can clear them out.

Wax and Wash the Exterior

Whether it’s with your hands or with a professional car cleaning service, getting a car wax and car wash are two of the most basic Ford Mustang cleaning tips. All you need is a bucket, automotive wax, and a sponge or washing mitt. Start with high-touch areas, like your door handles and edges before going to the hood, rear hatch, and trunk. Rinse it with water when you’re done and dry with a clean towel. After you’ve removed dirt and grime, use your sponge or washing mitt with the automotive wax to polish dull surfaces.

Consider a New Paint Job

Maybe you’re unhappy with your base paint job and want a new one. In addition, this is an easy way to hide small scratches and imperfections. Choose your ideal style and finish for your Mustang, and then use the wax and washing steps above to care for your fresh coat. You may want to use a car cover or store it in the garage to protect against bird droppings or other outside elements.