Benefits of Teaching Your Child How To Drive Stick Shift

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Benefits of Teaching Your Child How To Drive Stick Shift

Vroom vroom! Teaching your child to drive is an exciting but nerve-wracking time in their lives and yours. From driver education to hours on the road with you in the seat next to them, it’s safe to say you’ve invested a lot of time in their driving success. For this reason, you may question whether teaching your child how to drive manual is worth the time and effort. The answer is yes! Read on to learn about the benefits of teaching your child how to drive stick shift.


There’s no telling what will happen in the future. If an emergency arises and your child only has the option to drive manual, they’ll need to know how to drive it. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or themselves in need, if stick shift is their only driving option, it’s crucial for everyone’s safety that your child knows how to drive it.


Learning how to drive stick shift will undoubtedly take some time. You must carefully and patiently teach your child what they shouldn’t do while driving a manual car. Don’t view this as a negative; it can be a positive experience for you and your child. Think about the precious time you are enjoying with your child and the memories you’re making together behind the wheel. Before you know it, they’ll be out of your house and on their way into the world. Soak up every ounce of time together while you can.

Vehicle Choice

Some older makes and models of vehicles are only stick shift. If you want to get a good discount on a car for your teen, then being able to drive manual can work in your favor. Having this ability will give them more options to choose from at a dealership and can save you some extra money as well.

Teaching stick shift can sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Pass your wealth of knowledge to your children, so they feel as prepared for the real world as possible. Take these benefits of teaching your child how to learn stick shift to heart and enjoy the process of bonding with them as they learn.