Best Fitness Equipment for People With Bad Knees

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Best Fitness Equipment for People With Bad Knees

If you are someone with bad knees or recently suffered an injury, you might be trepidatious about working out again. Instead of giving up on your physical fitness, you must simply adapt, and it can be as easy as using different types of gym equipment. Learn about the best fitness equipment for people with bad knees that can help!


Perhaps the most popular piece of fitness equipment that you will find in most home gyms is a treadmill. You can avoid the potential knee pain you might experience running on concrete and get a workout on a treadmill instead. Make sure you pay attention to specific features treadmills have to offer, as well as for the best workout experience possible.

Exercise Bike

If running isn’t quite your thing, then you can also go with an exercise bike as a safe alternative. There are many types of exercise bikes you can choose from, but if you have never used one before, your best bet is to go with a recumbent bike. This type will put you in a more comfortable position since you have the option to recline back.


The next machine someone with bad knees should consider adding to their home gym is an elliptical trainer. An elliptical machine is a great choice for those who are trying to get a full-body workout, since some ellipticals feature handles that move back and forth with the pedals for your feet. Using an elliptical will have you moving in a motion that is a combination of biking and walking.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is another one of the best fitness equipment for people with bad knees. The machine is also easy to use, even if you haven’t gone rowing out on the water before. A rowing machine can give you a great cardio and strength building workout that puts less pressure on your knees thanks to the added resistance you can control.

Any Resistance Machine

If you are looking to build more strength than being stuck doing cardio without hurting your knees, you have plenty of options. Resistance machines give you the option to build both your upper and lower body while keeping you safe in a more controlled setting. Some great resistance machines out there include leg extensions, leg curls, chest press machines, low-pulley cable bench, and much more.