Best Women’s Apparel for Hidden Concealed Carry

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Best Women’s Apparel for Hidden Concealed Carry

You’ve completed the steps to obtain a concealed carry license, firearm, and holster. Now you should shop for appropriate clothes for when you conceal carry. Don’t let this last step fall to the wayside. You must have confidence in your clothing if you draw your firearm from its holster. Consider the best women’s apparel for hidden concealed carry.


Tank tops are typically a staple in any wardrobe. Whether it’s for underneath a shirt or sweater, it’s a standard clothing item. Because of this, a concealed carry tank top is a great option for quick, easy access to a draw. Most have holsters on both sides of the tank top so that lefties aren’t left out. With a polyester blend, it’s a comfortable option to wear throughout the day.


Leggings are another comfortable and functional option for hidden concealed carry. A high-waisted concealed carry legging might be your best option. High-waisted allows your shirt to hide a firearm more than a low rise. A built-in holster and/or pocket make these pants extremely functional. Whether you are going on a hike or simply grocery shopping, concealed carry leggings are a realistic, everyday option.


If you’d prefer to carry your firearm and not have it close to your body, a purse is a great option for you. Purses are a great concealed carry option if you don’t want to wear more layers. More layers, especially as you age, can often make you feel claustrophobic. Invest in a purse manufactured specifically for concealed carry. It will allow proper space for your firearm, keeping it secure. You want confidence that your firearm fits securely in your purse and is easily accessible.

Have confidence how in you carry your gun. Consider these options for best women’s apparel for concealed carry. Whether it’s a tank top, leggings, or purse, trust that your firearm is secure and hidden.