Bring Bowe Home

553139_431198830302455_1792196467_nOne of our followers asked us to share this with our readers.

Bowe turns 27 years old today. This is the fourth birthday he’s had while being held captive by allies of the Taliban. We can only hope that somehow he would feel the caring and support that his supporters are sending him across the miles.

For Bowe’s birthday, would you please give him the gift of sharing this post? It only takes a second to do and by sharing you can show your support for him. There are still many who don’t know about Bowe so it’s important for each of us to tell as many people as we can.

People have been asking about where they can get supplies to use to help raise awareness about Bowe. We can share links to some of the places that other Bowe Supporters have told us about. On a side note, in 90 days it will be the 4 year anniversary of Bowe’s capture. Now is a good time to start planning what can be done to remember Bowe and to raise awareness on the anniversary..