Wounded Warrior Project

For a decade, Wounded Warrior Project® has remained committed to serving wounded veterans and their families.

Currently, WWP offers its more than 50,000 alumni and their family members access to 20 programs and services.

Join them in looking back at some of the accomplishments WWP and its amazing alumni made in 2013. 

Cafe 44

Have you been to Cafe 44 yet? What a great place to eat! Below is a snapshot of just some of their scrumptious dishes.

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Harbor at Harmony Crossing in Lake Oconee

Blending local ownership with national expertise, Thrive Senior Living has partnered with Lake Oconee area residents to raise the standard of senior living with an innovative new concept in Assisted Living and Memory Care.  Combining advanced technology with compassionate care, The Harbor at Harmony Crossing will provide residents with top-tier care while supporting their dignity and independence, all in a luxurious resort-quality environment. 

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Living the Dream at Lake Oconee


This piece was written nearly two years ago but it’s more relevant than ever!  We welcome all area boomers to submit articles for consideration. Learn more.

All I could think about as I stared out at beautiful Lake Oconee is that I’ve been a fish out of water for the past seven years.

My wife Bernie and I moved south from Pittsburgh seven years ago, first to Florida and, later, Atlanta. Make no mistake, we found much to like about both locales, but in all honesty, neither ever really felt like home.

Don’t ask me to explain it. Certainly the climate here tops that offered in Pittsburgh, and we’ve been welcomed with open arms by everyone we’ve met. But it has been as if our roots were never severed up north, which meant we simply weren’t able to put down fresh ones here.

That is at least until now. That all changed when Bernie and I visited the Del Webb at Lake Oconee community in Greensboro and fell in love immediately. It was for us like a scene out of the movie Cocoon: We figuratively jumped into the pool and came out feeling all fresh, new and exhilarated. (We wanted to literally jump into the pool but our agent, Nikki Howard, thought it would make a bad first impression since we were fully clothed.)

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Pure Chiropractic Welcomes Dr. Tilyr Dunklow

drtilyrPure Chiropractic is pleased to welcome Dr. Tilyr Dunklow to their Lake Oconee and Milledgeville locations. Dr. Tilyr graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University.  He was born and raised near Traverse City, Michigan. His Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology was earned at Michigan State University in May of 2010. 

Dr. Tilyr wanted to become a chiropractor to help promote a natural model of healthcare in today’s sick world. It is his personal mission to help each and every practice member reach their optimal state of health by removing vertebral subluxation.   He enjoys a wide variety of activities including basketball, tennis, football, mountain biking, water sports, and spending time with his girlfriend Kelly.

 “We are excited to have Dr. Tilyr join our team,” says Pure Chiropractic Founder Dr. Ted Smith.  “He brings an enthusiasm and fresh outlook to our practice and our community.  Along with Dr. Meagen Mateialona and myself, I feel we have the adjusting techniques and personalities to fit everyone in our communities–from infants and children, to pregnant moms, athletes, and retirees who want to keep their active lifestyle.” 

Pure Chiropractic’s mission is to educate, check, and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health, through natural chiropractic care.   

 To meet Dr. Tilyr or to learn more about Pure Chiropractic, visit  www.purechiropractic4u.com or call (706) 485-1010. Pure Chiropractic has two locations to serve you, Lake Oconee and Milledgeville.

Smartphone Innovation Is About Seniors and mHealth

The recent Samsung and Apple announcements about health technology for consumers and developers tell us just how exciting the future is for mobile health solutions. These innovations are being pushed by an active yet aging population requiring personal control and centralization of health, wellness and fitness data, which has been siloed to date in medical databases and individual fitness apps. Apple is partnering with both Nike and the Mayo Clinic to ease integration with the new iOS 8 HealthKit platform and Health app.

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The Circle Of Love Center, Inc

We came across another wonderful organization in the Lake Oconee area. The Circle Of Love Center, Inc. provides direct and support services to victims and their children through residential ( shelter) and non-residential services in the five-county area. They work to raise community awareness and understanding of domestic violence issues and they are committed to making a difference in these families and the communities.

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Student’s Sweet Card Brings World War II Veteran to Tears


I Really, Really Miss Drive-In Movie Theaters

America has always had a love affair with cars. They’ve symbolized our style and emergence as a world power. From running boards that Prohibition-era gangsters stood on when doing a drive-by hit on a rival gang to the outlandish fins and grills that gave the drab 1950s some flash, from the muscle cars of the ’60s to the gas guzzlers of the ’70s, cars have looked different through the years but always were important to us.

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SLU’s Dancing Away the Pain

Scoot: Baby Boomers vs. Young Generations

Every generation talks about how hard life was for them compared to the new young generations.  As a Baby Boomer, I remember my parents telling us that we were “spoiled” and “had it made” compared to the things they had to endure as kids and teens.

Now that the Baby Boomers have grown into the Establishment, this is a good time to tell today’s young generation how “spoiled” they are and how they “have it made” compared to what our generation dealt with in life.

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The Fault in Our Stars

Saw this wonderful movie yesterday and highly recommend it! It was an incredible film and such a beautiful story. Also got to see a friend from Pittsburgh, Tim Hartman, who appeared in the film as well.

Boomers are Busting Retirement Myths

This is not your father’s retirement. Cyndi Hutchins of Bank of America Merrill Lynch tells Adrienne Mitchell Baby Boomers are myth-busters. Listen to the interview.

Is Working Past Retirement Age An Antidote To Getting Old?

Nearly half of people surveyed who say they’re retired are working or have worked in the recent past. And nearly three quarters of baby boomers say they plan to stay on the job past retirement age.

Listen to this interview on NPR to learn more!

The Waterfront on Lake Oconee

We recently became aware of another wonderful organization in the area.

Located on the water’s edge, The Waterfront on Lake Oconee’s scenic, private shoreline provides unparalleled natural beauty and big city respite. This condominium community recreates that unrivaled relaxation normally reserved only for luxurious island getaways.

The Waterfront on Lake Oconee has packaged this worry-free vacation lifestyle into an innovative and elegant lakeside community. These beautiful waterfront residences have all the amenities and convenience of a luxurious vacation retreat, with the accessibility and affordability for everyday living.

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