Children Cancer Center Thanks Nu Image Medical

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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Nu Image Medical chaired by Andreas Dettlaff is famous in Tampa Bay for his charitable contributions. His company holds multiple charity events annually with hopes of gathering large pools of donation money and helping children with cancer. Their funding all goes into the charity called Children’s Cancer Center. The most prominent of those events are “Wine Women and shoes” followed by a Halloween party and a pirate party for the Children’s Cancer Center.  

Nu Image Medical is a strong presence in the health sector of Tampa Bay as their approach to provide people with certified medication and other health treatments is helping improve the health and fitness of people within Nu Image’s working spectrum. 

The event Wine Women and Shoes is a wine tasting occasion where people come in and experience the luxurious taste of different wines from vineyards all across the country. It features a live auction that helps generate the money and spread the awareness for the need of it. Nu image with the help of this event are able to bring together an audience that is otherwise difficult to get hold of. 

The second charity is based on the Halloween party that the owner of Nu Image threw with the help of his wife. The party was hosted in St. Joseph’s Hospital. The children had a lot of fun and the hospital was renovated and decorated as per the event. This was a great recreational activity for the children and their families. 

Nu Image has not only provided the masses with their exceptional services but are also involved in the betterment of the society by giving out charities for those in need.