Common Maintenance Issues With Trucks

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Common Maintenance Issues With Trucks

Trucks need to perform at optimal capacity to ensure everyone’s safety and avoid unnecessary danger and damage. But because of the nature of the work with heavy-duty trucks, you’ll see wear and tear.

There are common maintenance issues with trucks. Focus on your repair efforts to get your vehicle back on the road.

The Wheels

You must keep tires properly inflated and ensure that the tire treads have sufficient depth to them. Neglecting these tasks can lead to your truck losing traction on the road, making it more difficult for you to handle it properly. Always check for worn-out tires and replace them as soon as necessary.

Wheel Bearings

We often forget to check the wheel bearings. They facilitate the movement of the tires, and when they wear down, they create noise while your truck moves. You may also experience unexplained jerking movements while driving.

The Driveshaft

Your truck’s driveshaft is what gives power to the tires so that it can move the heavy loads necessary to complete a job. But this strain can cause the eventual failure of your driveshaft. Once your driveshaft dies, then your truck becomes a multi-ton paperweight.

Know the Symptoms

A driveshaft can last for years, but eventually, it’ll give out. Before that happens, you need to know what an ailing driveshaft sounds and feels like. Two signs of a worn driveshaft include:

  • A squealing noise as your truck picks up speed
  • A vibrating truck cabin

These symptoms worsen over time until the shaft breaks.

The Brakes

Due to the increased weight of your truck from carrying heavy materials, your brake system faces a lot of stress. Your truck has to work harder to come to a complete stop when you push the brake pedal, and that strain can cause your entire brake system to malfunction.

Know Its Limits

A truck’s brakes are designed to handle extreme weight, but that doesn’t make them invincible. The moment you notice the performance of your brakes deteriorating, you need to have them serviced. Letting your brakes fail will lead to disaster and pose a serious threat to you and other motorists.

Seek Maintenance Immediately

Common problems with your truck’s performance can range from minor inconveniences to major safety concerns. But letting something minor go unrepaired for too long can lead to something bigger failing. Stay on top of your truck’s maintenance to prevent massive mechanical failures.