Common Mistakes People Make After Getting Dentures

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Common Mistakes People Make After Getting Dentures

Struggling with dental issues as you get older is a common problem, but there shouldn’t be any shame about doing what works for your oral health. Getting and wearing dentures for the first time can feel very odd and take a while to get used to. In order to have the best experience with dentures possible, you need to stay on top of their care. Here are a few common mistakes people make after getting dentures that you should avoid.

Settling for Ill-Fitting Dentures

Far too many patients feel like they can’t bring up when they have a problem with their dentures, and they just learn to live with it. You don’t need to live with dentures that don’t fit. Take them back to your oral health professional and explain the issue. They want to help and make sure you feel comfortable in them. Never feel guilty for going back for an adjustment, no matter how many times it may take to get perfect.

Stopping Any Brushing Habits

Whether you opt for normal dentures or all-on-four implants, your new fake teeth aren’t invincible. They still need regular brushing to prevent bacteria from forming on them and keep them looking their best. You also don’t want to stop brushing because there is more to take care of in your mouth than just your teeth. Your gums also need brushing to keep them healthy, and never brushing your tongue can result in serious bad breath issues.

Not Going to the Dentist

A very common mistake people make after getting dentures is to believe they don’t need to see a dentist anymore. On the contrary, your dentist visits become even more important. Your dentist can help you if your jaw has shifted and you need an adjustment to your dentures. They will also keep a close eye on the rest of your oral health besides your teeth.

Not Soaking Dentures at Night

Taking your dentures out at night should be a normal routine, but don’t think it’s okay to just leave them out somewhere on a counter or bedside table. Doing this can make it very easy for bacteria to form on your dentures, creating a problem when you put them back in. You should endeavor to always place your dentures in a denture solution before bed, as this will keep them clean and sanitized for the next day.