Common Problems When Dealing With Dumpster Rentals

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Common Problems When Dealing With Dumpster Rentals

Whether you need a dumpster rental for your residential or commercial property, there are procedures you need to follow to avoid any issues. There will be common problems you deal with during your dumpster rental. But with some awareness, you’ll know how to handle the problems once they arise.

Renting the Wrong Size

People either rent a dumpster that’s too big or too small. Dumpster rental prices depend on the size, and people try to save money by renting a small dumpster. However, if you go this route, you run the risk of overloading the rental, which can lead to additional charges.

You don’t want to rent too big because then you’ll be paying for more than you need. Consult with the rental company and see what recommendations they have. Depending on your purpose for the rental, they can provide some suggestions for you.

Encountering Animals

Where there are dumpsters there are animals. Even if you purchase a dumpster for renovation purposes, there is still a chance animals will make their way inside, and it might be hard to get them out. You’ll need to know what to do when animals get into your dumpster.

You want to remove them from the container in the safest way possible. There are specific practices you can put into place to prevent them from entering the container.

Dumping Hazardous Waste

You can’t dispose of all waste inside your dumpster. Some materials are hazardous and can lead to dangerous effects. You don’t want to dump hazardous materials and risk a dumpster fire or combustion. It’s important to follow the proper guidelines when it comes to dumping hazardous waste.

Read the labels on items that contain hazardous chemicals before disposing them. There might be specific instructions on how to properly dispose of them. There will also be a caution label warning you of any potential risk from incorrect disposal.

Miscalculating Rental Time

In addition to the dumpster size, you will also be charged for the rental time. Sometimes projects go over longer than originally predicted. When that happens, you’ll need to ask for additional time. That might get pricey.

Try to keep track of your rental. Doing so will help you better predict when you can return the rental. You can also consider doing padded rental time. Rent the dumpster for a week or two beyond the expected end date to account for any unforeseen obstacles.

Any one of these common problems can make dealing with a dumpster rental seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth. But with awareness, you can easily maneuver and avoid these issues.