Common Signs of Trouble Under the Hood of Your Car

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Common Signs of Trouble Under the Hood of Your Car

As you drive your car, ensuring that it runs appropriately requires maintenance. However, hearing unfamiliar sounds coming from your vehicle can quickly bring about stress.

Luckily, the repairs needed aren’t usually as drastic as you’d think. So here are some of the common signs of trouble coming from under the hood of your car. Before you know it, you’ll have an easier time identifying the issue in the future.

Fluid Leaks

If you notice liquid creating a puddle under your vehicle, it could potentially be a fluid leak. It’s a common sign of trouble under the hood of your car that you should take care of right away.

If you see any dripping coming from under your vehicle, ensure that you visit your local mechanic as soon as possible. Fluid leaks, such as coolant or oil leaks, can affect your engine’s performance, causing catastrophic damages if not addressed quickly.

Colored Exhaust

When your exhaust emits colored smoke, it can indicate a few issues. Various colors of smoke can help you identify the problems occurring in your vehicle.

If you notice blue smoke coming from your exhaust, your vehicle is burning oil. White exhaust smoke means your combustion chamber has leaking coolant. Lastly, black smoke means you’re burning too much gasoline.

Engine Knocking Noises

A significant sign of trouble under the hood is sudden knocking sounds that rise and fall with the engine’s RPM. The noise usually means worn-out engine bearings.

The engine bearings support the movement of interior engine pieces that can wear thin over time and seize up, especially when there’s a lack of lubrication. So look over your engine bearings and bring your vehicle to your mechanic for replacements.

Metal Flakes in Oil

It’s essential that you change your oil every six months or 5,000 miles. When your car needs an oil change, ask your technician to check the oil for any rogue metal particles.

Metal flaking is a result of increased friction between moving engine parts. Excessive wear and tear due to increased friction can result in additional repairs.

Odd Turbocharger Sounds

Whether your engine has a preinstalled turbocharger or you’ve installed one yourself, it can improve the power and torque of your vehicle. However, if you start hearing strange noises from your turbo or notice a loss of performance, it could signify a foreign object.

When a foreign object enters your turbocharger, it enters through an air inlet or exhaust inlet, resulting in damage. It can cause chipping of the turbine blade or compressor, decreased performance, and pitting in the compressor blades. So ensure that you replace or repair your connectors and hoses thoroughly.

Keeping your car in optimal shape comes with observation and maintenance. So ensure that you get checkups on your vehicle regularly.