Commonly Used Types of Wood in Furniture

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Commonly Used Types of Wood in Furniture

As you’re likely aware, furnishing your home isn’t always as easy as it seems, especially when the type of wood you want to use is a factor in your choice. Your budget and expected usage will primarily determine the type of wood you buy. The manufacturing process also has a significant effect on the quality of the wood furniture you’re considering. Here are four of the most commonly used types of wood in furniture.


Maple may be the best wood for furniture. There are many distinct types of maple, but practically all of them are quite durable, producing beautiful furniture that lasts a long time. Because maple is inherently nontoxic, it’s also frequently used to construct cutting boards in the kitchen. Depending on the type of maple you want, you can choose from a variety of grain patterns.


Mahogany is a gorgeous wood and one of the most traditional timbers used in furniture-building. It’s lighter than some of the other woods here, yet it’s just as strong as oak. Although we think of mahogany as having a reddish-brown tint, the wood comes in a variety of lighter hues. Genuine mahogany comes from Latin America, and it’s becoming increasingly scarce. Therefore, it can be quite costly.


One of the most intriguing properties of cherry wood is that it darkens over time, giving it a wonderfully rich appearance. The color is what people often enjoy most about cherry, but it has a lot of other qualities as well. Because it’s a rather durable wood, it can withstand scratches and dents. It’s nontoxic and has an even grain.


Oak is a tough, long-lasting wood commonly used for flooring and kitchen furnishings. It’s lovely, but it can yellow over time. Red oak, on the other hand, is slightly darker and more porous. It also has a lovely appearance and is reasonably priced. Oak is a fantastic furniture wood.

We hope this article on the commonly used types of wood in furniture has helped you better understand the traditional craftsmanship that goes into furniture. Always remember that scrap wood can always have a place in any project you do, so always be looking for creative ways to utilize this valuable resource.