Considerations When Buying Your First Motorcycle

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Considerations When Buying Your First Motorcycle

There are several types of vehicle owners out there. Some people are really into fast sports cars, but others may just want a regular SUV to carry their grandchildren in. Still, other people don’t want a 4-wheeled vehicle at all. Motorcycle owners like the freedom and comfort of their two-wheeled ride to get them where they need to go. It’s also a common item amongst retirees to keep in their garages for a warm summer ride. It goes without saying that, if you’re looking to get one, remember these considerations when buying your first motorcycle.

Do Your Research

As with anything, it’s imperative you do your research before making the final purchase. Like any vehicle, there are many considerations to make when buying your first motorcycle. First, there’s the type to get. With many different motorcycles on the market—each with their own power and functionality—it can overwhelm you to know which to get. The main types of motorcycles on the market are cruisers, sportbikes, dirt bikes, and scooters. Cruisers are one of the more traditional bikes, like Harley Davidsons. They offer an upright riding style with higher positioned handlebars so that riders can ride recreationally. Sportbikes and dirt bikes are designed for sports and racing. Their powerful engines and unique features allow them to ride through turns and laps without losing their functionality. Finally, scooters offer a safe and secure ride but lack the power and drive that cruisers and racing bikes have.

Have a Budget

With that, it’s important you have a budget in mind. Once you’ve decided on the type of bike you want, you must consider the condition you wish to buy it in. This will either be new or used. A used bike will be more affordable than a new one, but it may have some performance or wear and tear issues. Have a mechanic inspect it before you buy and make sure to read the complete vehicle history to know if it’s been in any accidents or required serious repairs. If you opt for a new bike, just know that it will not be cheap. Since you’re going to buy an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) bike, its new condition means that you can ride it anywhere without issue—but at a steep price point. Not to mention, you must also consider insurance and other costs to account for the entire fiscal responsibility.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Finally, whether it’s new or used, you should always know how to perform basic motorcycle maintenance. For starters, every motorcycle has certain essential components, like the engine, suspension, clutch, wheels, and frame. These components make up the bike, and if one has a significant issue, it can affect your ride and safety. Have a mechanic inspect it for further issues. You should also change the fluids, like the engine oil, according to your owner’s manual. Check your tire pressure and tread to ensure proper traction and always check your cables to avoid performance issues.