Creative Ways To Display Your Silver Antiques

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Creative Ways To Display Your Silver Antiques

Perhaps you have silver items that your grandparents handed down to you, or maybe you picked up a few pieces from a flea market. No matter how you came across these possessions, you can use these creative ways to display your silver antiques.

Get a Collection Case

If you have several pieces that create a collection, it’s an excellent idea to display them all together in a case. For example, you can hang your collection of silver trays together on a wall where they can act as showstopping art pieces. Or, you can put up a silver mirror and surround it with your collection of silver spoons for an elegant display.

Make Them Into Vases

Use your antique silver teapots or trophies as unconventional vases. They’re sure to catch the eyes of anyone passing by when you fill them with fresh or artificial flowers.

Use Them As Containers

We’re not saying to use your antique silver box as a storage container. But why not use it to hold your makeup brushes or as a place to store your cotton balls? Consider utilizing different pieces to store everyday toiletries.

Create Décor Vignettes

Mix and match your antique pieces with modern and casual décor items for a bit of unexpected glamor. Showcase how different elements have evolved throughout history in a fun display.

Form a Wall Board

Mount a silver tray on a wall to create a fun board where you can attach inspirational quotes, family photos, or drawings your children have made. It’s a fun way to display pieces of the past with details of the present. You can even add a few pieces of vintage flatware to adorn the tray.

Display Photos

Have you ever considered using a fork to hold up photos? Now you have! Take a serving dish that has higher sides, fill it with a sturdy material, and place a few vintage silver forks into it. Then, put old recipe cards or photos in between the fork prongs. Voila! A new way to display pictures and your antique silver belongings.

Hold Utensils

Your antique silver box can act as a utensil holder in your kitchen. You can keep serving spoons in it or use it during a buffet so that people can grab their silverware.

Antique silver has an excellent reputation for keepsake items because it holds retains its value and is durable. These creative ways to display your silver antiques will allow you to proudly show off what your family has passed down for many generations.