Different Ways To Polish Your Metal To Know

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Different Ways To Polish Your Metal To Know

There are likely countless metal pieces in your home that you want to polish up to attain the perfect finish. However, you may not know how to work with metal or what compounds react negatively with it. Metal is highly durable and long lasting, but you must do your part to make the most of its longevity. Keep reading to learn the different ways to polish your metal.


Metal sanding is a great way to prepare and polish your metal for painting that you should know. Although metal makes for a great fence or car part, applying a coat of paint is quite difficult. The reason is that metal is slippery, so any paint you apply won’t stick, and you’ll likely find it peeling off. To ensure your paint stays, you must create a coarse surface for the paint to adhere to.

If you’re painting a car part, you should start with a coarse grit, such as a 320 or 240 grit, to get a rough surface on your metal. Moreover, it’s best to get your sandpaper wet if working with aluminum. This will prevent clogs and improve the polish.

Vibratory Tumbler

One of the best methods to finish your metal is to use a vibratory tumbler. If this term is unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. You’re likely familiar with rock tumblers that rotate for days and even weeks. These reveal a sparkly and smooth finish on a piece. That is what a vibratory tumbler does, but instead of rotating, it vibrates.

Many will use a vibratory tumbler when they need to polish precious metals, gems, or automotive parts, as it takes significantly less time to polish than a rotary tumbler. Moreover, a vibratory tumbler is gentler on these precious items but still achieves a shiny finish.

Go Homemade

If your project doesn’t require quite as much in-depth polishing, you might consider going homemade. The homemade route is best if the metal you’re working on is quite basic and doesn’t need as much precision. This can include metals for appliances and kitchenware.

In order to achieve that simple polish you’re looking for, you can use a mixture of olive oil, warm water, dish soap, and white vinegar. This blend is cost effective and gives your metal pieces that extra sparkle.