Eco-Friendly: The 8 Best Sustainable Home Renovations

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Eco-Friendly: The 8 Best Sustainable Home Renovations

After a while, all homes need a bit of updating and renovating. But when doing so, a lack of environmental awareness can drive some people to use materials that can further damage the environment. Fortunately, there are ways to upgrade your dwelling to fit modern times while remaining conscious of the planet’s resources. These are the eight best sustainable home renovations you’ll want to incorporate during your next project.

Consider Going Solar

The sun provides bountiful amounts of renewable energy, collectible through the use of solar panels. Solar panels absorb the sun to supply electricity to your home for extended periods, even after the sun has set. These panels save energy and contribute to lower electricity bills.

Use Recycled Glass

Cell bio-glass windows are great alternatives to traditional glass, as they contain less silica than your standard windows and have higher amounts of calcium and phosphorus. These windows are 100-percent environmentally friendly and capture light to brighten a space naturally.

Install a Low-Flow Toilet

Water shortages are affecting the planet’s natural water supply. To conserve water, invest in a low-flow toilet. These toilets have similar features to a standard version and still flush with ease, but they use less water than a standard toilet.

Use Low-VOC or VOC-Free Paint

Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, are responsible for harmful molecule production. Many paints include VOCs, so using them leaves those in your household vulnerable to long-term health effects. Consider using VOC-free colors that can mitigate these results.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you’re planning to replace major appliances, prioritize those that save energy and the environment. Look for Energy Star–certified devices, as these are more energy-efficient and will save you money down the line.

Reface Instead of Replace

Instead of throwing away cabinets and dressers and wasting materials, try salvaging them! A fresh coat of paint or varnish can do wonders and give your furnishing a much-needed facelift.

Purchase Pre-Owned Goods

You don’t always need the newest or shiniest items to adorn your home. Vintage has an incomparable aesthetic that can create a cute, rustic look, and using a pre-owned piece will mean there’s one less item in the local landfill.

Consider Sustainable Wood Features

Formaldehyde-free cabinets and teak wood doors are exceptional options to incorporate into your home. Formaldehyde is a toxic substance that can affect your family’s well-being and do damage to the environment, so keeping the chemical away from your furniture is a must.

Teak wood is an attractive species that grows in carefully managed tree farms to prevent taking from the natural supply. Teak wood is also durable and repels insects, making it an excellent option for your exterior and interior doors.

Finding ways to upgrade your home’s aesthetic isn’t that tricky when you know what you’re looking for. These are eight of the best sustainable home renovations that will keep your home looking stylish and trendy while accommodating an eco-friendlier lifestyle.