Essential Equipment You Need for a Small Farm

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Essential Equipment You Need for a Small Farm

The transition to farm life is stressful for many people. There are lots of things to do with little time to do them. Fortunately, you don’t need to do (or buy) everything at once. Here’s a list of essential equipment you need for a small farm.

Pickup Truck

A pickup truck is a staple of farms and for good reason. It’s the most versatile piece of equipment you can buy, offering transportation for you and any items you need. You can hitch a trailer to it, too! With a topper, you can carry goods and even livestock you want to keep dry—overall, it’s an excellent investment.

Livestock Trailer

If your livestock is too large to fit in your truck’s bed, purchase a livestock trailer. Even if you aren’t planning on transporting your livestock too much, a trailer is good to have for any unexpected needs.

Composting Bin

To keep your farm as green as can be, consider getting into composting. It allows you to transform plant waste into helpful fertilizer for gardening. You can decide on either building your own bin or purchasing a compost tumbler.

Circular Saw

The most useful power tool you can have is a circular saw. Building your own compost bin requires nothing more than lumber, nails, and a saw. Plus, a circular saw will make quick work of any simple cuts or quick touch-ups to buildings.


When caring for livestock, you need to provide shelter from the elements. You could take a stab at building a shelter yourself, but that’s a sizable project to take on, especially if you’re new to woodworking. Instead, consider looking for pre-built durable, portable shelters for your animals.

Now that you know the essential equipment you need for a small farm, start your agricultural journey the right way, with no frills— just the requirements.