Essential Equipment To Have on a Homestead

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Essential Equipment To Have on a Homestead

In recent years, reverting to former ways of living has become a popular trend; many people have taken to ranching and growing crops on their land solely for their consumption. The reason for the uptick in this “simple,” off-grid lifestyle is due to its sustainability and self-sufficiency. With the advent of farming technology, leading this lifestyle certainly is simpler, but what exactly do you need? Here’s the essential equipment to have on a homestead.

Portable Sawmill

A homestead is for people who want to live off their means—in a word, simple living. But in no way living simply easy. If you’re working on a homestead or looking to start doing so, a sawmill is a vital tool to have in your armory. A homestead will require you to complete countless jobs; you’ll be working on something from sunup to sundown. A portable sawmill will significantly reduce the time you spend on any woodworking tasks and increase your accuracy on those projects, and its portability makes transportation easy.

General Tools

A range of general tools is something anyone should have on hand, but these tools will be doubly important on a homestead. Whether you’re chopping a fallen tree, cutting kindling, or working with timber, wood becomes a central focus when you’re living on a homestead. Moreover, living off the grid will require you to fix any broken sheds and fences on your own. That’s why you’ll want to have tools such as a hammer, an axe, and nails around; you’ll be using them daily. Make sure to stock up on nails. A homestead comes with many projects, so you can never have too many of them.

Farm Tractor

Tractors are essential pieces of equipment to have on a homestead, primarily if you live on a couple of acres and grow your produce. These are powerful machines that streamline the agricultural process. Tractors have multiple uses, as they can plow, fertilize, harvest, plant, and more. What might take you days to complete manually, a tractor can finish in a couple of hours. What’s more, tractors can also double as transportation and haul any heavy or bulky materials.