Essential Equipment To Start a Metalworking Shop

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Essential Equipment To Start a Metalworking Shop

A metalworking shop requires specialized equipment for the greatest amount of productivity and to complete jobs of various kinds. Be aware of a few of the essential pieces of equipment to start a metalworking shop; they are critical to shaping metal, refining rough work, and keeping everyone safe. Go in prepared and able to utilize a wide range of different tools; you’ll need them to satisfy customers and remain competitive among the competition.


As a staple of metal fabrication shops, bandsaws provide reliable results and safe usage, as well as being far more effective than other saw variants. Bandsaws offer a versatile range of cutting, allowing for delicate detail work that others can’t replicate.

The precision may take some time to get used to, but the results will speak for themselves once you have a grasp of proper bandsaw technique. To avoid any complications, always remember to oil the saw before use to ensure ideal functionality.


There will inevitably be times when you need to join two pieces of metal together, and the most effective method to do that is by welding. You need to invest in a quality welder to attach pieces of metal securely without damaging the surface.

But along with welding, workers need to use the proper safety equipment to prevent injuries. Provide your welding staff with face shields, gloves, and aprons to protect themselves from harm.

Fume Extractor

When dealing with metal, whether cutting it into shape or welding pieces together, workers kick up a lot of dust and create particulate matter. These small particles can easily enter the body if unsuspecting staff members inhale them, giving the dust a direct line to the lungs.

After exposure, workers run the risk of developing long-term respiratory issues. Because of this threat, you need to provide fume extractors to eliminate the dust particles. The extractor will safely capture any airborne debris and store it in a separate location, away from workers.

Angle Grinders

After working on a piece of metal, there will inevitably be jagged edges and rough spots; these can range from simply being aesthetically unappealing to posing a physical threat. When these rough edges appear, you and your workers need methods to smooth them out, refining the metal piece into a more manageable and appealing form.

Angle grinders are the go-to piece of equipment for that task; with their versatile usage and easy-to-operate technique, they make quick work of rougher pieces. They can come in a variety of different sizes, allowing for specialized grinding depending on the size and shape of the metal.

Give Your Employees What They Need

Have a full supply of the essential equipment to start a metalworking shop and give your workers the tools they need to get the job done. Missing one or two crucial pieces of equipment can grind productivity to a halt; avoid these circumstances by securing what you need before taking a job.