Essential Hardware for Rigging and Hoisting

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Essential Hardware for Rigging and Hoisting

Rigging and hoisting is an essential tactic for lifting and moving items, ranging from shipping containers to building materials. In addition to the appropriate heavy machinery such as excavators and cranes, companies also need the right hardware. Keep reading our guide below if you’d like to learn the essential hardware for rigging and hoisting.

Wire Ropes

The foundation of any rigging hardware setup is the wire rope. You can get wire ropes at a variety of different lengths and gauges, and it’s important that your wire is appropriate for what you’re lifting. Each hoist is different, so it’s important that you do your due diligence when choosing the appropriate wire rope, otherwise the rest of your hardware doesn’t matter.

Hooks and Turnbuckles

You’ll need to attach the wire rope to your machinery and the item you’re lifting, and one of the ways to do that is through hooks and turnbuckles. A hook doesn’t need an explanation, but a turnbuckle likely does. There are various types of turnbuckles, including eye-eye, hook-hook, and even hook-eye. A turnbuckle merely tightens or loosens the tension of the wire rope.

Web and Round Slings

There’s a variety of different slings you could get, but two of the most common are web and round slings. The differences between the two don’t seem like much at firs, but they have a significant impact on your lift. You really need to remember that round slings have endless loops of material which makes them the stronger of the two. That said, you should use a chain sling if you’re lifting heavy materials like shipping containers.

There are countless other hardware items that you could argue are essential for rigging and hoisting, but the items mentioned above are crucial to any setup. Choosing your hardware should never be taken lightly as it can make or break your lift. In other words, your choice of hoisting and rigging hardware is the difference between a successful lift, damaging materials, or someone potentially getting hurt.