Essential Items That Every Man Should Carry With Him

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Essential Items That Every Man Should Carry With Him

Almost every man has a mental checklist of items for when he leaves the house. That list is normally very short and simple, containing only your phone, wallet, and keys. Aside from these three things, there are several essential items that every man should carry with him. Nearly all these items are lightweight, easy to carry, and may prove beneficial in common, everyday situations.

Pocket Knife

Having a small knife or multi-tool may prove beneficial in several situations. You can use the blade to open packages, remove zip ties, or even cut away a pesky loose thread coming from your jacket. As their name suggests, many pocket knives fit in your pocket, and some smaller blades have rings that allow you to add them to your keychain.


There are several things that can mess up your hair as you go about your day. Everything from the wind to excess movement may mess up your style and leave you not feeling your best. There are many good reasons to carry a pocket comb, including the chance to tidy up between meetings or before you attend a formal event. We recommend investing in a nice wooden comb instead of the cheap plastic one from the drugstore.


A proper writing tool is an underutilized but essential item that many should carry with them. Many places that make you sign receipts will provide their own pens, but these writing utensils may not write very well. Having a pen allows you to make notes, sign documents, and perform useful daily tasks with something that you normally wouldn’t even notice is in your pocket at all.


Imagine a situation where you or your company drops something and it rolls under a car or behind a desk. Having a flashlight on hand makes it easy to illuminate your surroundings and take control of a situation. If you want to avoid carrying a larger light with you, that’s perfectly alright. Much like with pocket knives, several smaller lighting options fit right onto your keyring.