Everything You Need To Know About Woodworking Bench Dogs

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Everything You Need To Know About Woodworking Bench Dogs

Whether you are a professional carpenter or a hobbyist woodworker in your retirement, using the right tools is key to achieving excellent results. One essential tool that every woodworker needs is the bench dog. These handy little things can keep your workpiece secure while you work. Check out everything you need to know about woodworking bench dogs.

What Are Bench Dogs?

Bench dogs are small cylindrical or square-shaped pegs that hold a piece of wood in place on a workbench while you work. They are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic and come in different sizes and shapes. You can insert bench dogs into a series of holes on your workbench. This arrangement provides a reliable and efficient way to hold workpieces firmly as you complete the project.

Types of Bench Dogs

The different types of woodworking bench dogs include the round, square, and power-loc dogs. Round bench dogs are the most popular, but square versions are gaining popularity among woodworkers. Power-loc dogs are great because they offer a chamfered lip that provides a strong clamping force.

How To Use Bench Dogs

Another important thing you need to know about woodworking bench dogs is how to use them, of course! Fortunately, it’s relatively simple. First, drill a series of evenly spaced holes into your workbench. The holes should be thick enough to fit the bench dogs.

Next, insert the bench dogs into the holes and adjust them to the height of your workpiece. When you place your piece on the bench, the bench dogs should fit snugly over the wood and hold it securely.

Benefits of Using Bench Dogs

Bench dogs can greatly benefit your carpentry projects. The most obvious advantage is that they keep your workpiece secure and prevent it from slipping or moving out of place, which is critical when working with sharp tools. Additionally, bench dogs reduce the need for clamps, which can help you save money. Lastly, these versatile tools are perfect for carving, drilling, and sanding that would otherwise jostle your workpiece.