Factors To Consider Before Installing a Pool

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Factors To Consider Before Installing a Pool

Something about the thought of installing a pool is so exciting, no matter how old you are. The only problem is, once you’re older, you have to deal with all the logistics, and there are a few factors to consider before installing a pool. Here are a few of those key questions to ask yourself before committing to the ordeal.

The Local Zoning Laws

Make sure that your lawn is suitable and conforms to your local zoning laws. Some backyards, for a multitude of reasons, are seen as unfit or unsafe for the construction of an inground pool.

Some of these regulations say that a pool needs to be a certain distance from the house or from the street. Another zoning requirement is that there must be a fence of a certain height surround the pool. Laws vary from state to state, but there’s always red tape somewhere.

What Type of Pool?

There are a few options available to you when you decide what the pool’s going to be made out of. The three main types are fiberglass, vinyl-lined, and concrete. Each one has its positives and negatives, and you can pick one based on your aesthetic taste or budgetary constraints.

The main differences are that vinyl-lined is quick, easy, and cheap to install but requires constant replacement of the liner. Fiberglass pools need less maintenance than vinyl but are more expensive. And concrete is by far the most durable but takes time to install and is not cheap.

The Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest factors to consider before installing a pool is the constant cost of upkeep. Whether it’s the filter breaking down, fishing out any leaves or animals that fall in, buying chlorine, or paying for all the water to fill it with, there are several costs that come with owning a swimming pool.

Pools need a lot of care and handling. Sometimes it can be a simple clean, whereas other times it needs a whole new filtration system. Pool maintenance is essential to keep it going for years, and it is a big barrier to entry for a lot of people.

Pools are great fun and one of the best ways to enjoy a warm afternoon. But it also takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make the dream come true.