Four Crucial Maintenance Tips for Winter Construction Projects

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Four Crucial Maintenance Tips for Winter Construction Projects

Winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year for many different industries—but it’s especially so for those working in construction. Not only do these individuals have no choice but to brave the elements, but they must also work with hazardous machines in the same conditions. This makes it more important than ever that you, as one of these workers yourself, know how to best keep your tools in the proper performing shape. Use these maintenance tips for winter construction projects to minimize the risk of incident.

Keep Up With the Formation of Snow and Ice

When the temperatures drop low enough, snow and ice on a construction site are common occurrences. This means there’s a much higher chance of workers falling and suffering potentially severe injuries. Your heavy equipment could also end up in rough shape as the heavy snow piles up and freezes to metal surfaces. So, taking the time to shovel away these materials and clean off your equipment can make a large difference in how the workday goes.

Switch the Fuel You Use for Heavy Equipment

You should also be switching out your fuel of choice during this time of year. Most large pieces of machinery run on standard diesel fuel—which works perfectly fine in warmer weather. However, this type of fuel has the tendency to gel when exposed to lower temperatures for long periods of time. To prevent this, it’s recommended you use number one-grade fuel. This type has fewer cold-sensitive additives, making it a better fit for use in cold weather.

Maintain Your Dump Truck’s Bed Liner

Make sure you’re giving extra attention to your dump truck vehicles and their bed liners. Since these devices are exposed to the elements, they can take some of the harshest beatings during storms. As such, you’ll need to get into the habit of regularly cleaning your bed liner and the truck itself to keep any ice or debris build-up from occurring. While this is something that should be done already, it’s especially important to effectively transporting materials in the winter.

Equip Machines With Sturdy Tire Treads

Another vital maintenance tip for winter construction projects is to equip each piece of heavy machinery with the proper winter tires. As previously mentioned, ice is common on construction sites during winter. So, just like how slips and falls are a possibility, so are equipment collisions on the slippery, icy ground. Equipping winter tires to each of your pieces of construction equipment will help them maintain some traction on the ground and reduce the chances of these slips occurring.