4 Helpful Tips To Preserve Your Wedding Bands

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4 Helpful Tips To Preserve Your Wedding Bands

Wedding ring sets are some of the most prized possessions with outstanding sentimental value. These pieces are genuine depictions of a couple’s devotion to one another, so it’s essential to ensure that your jewelry always captures and honors that time.

Unfortunately, with time comes deterioration and wear that’s responsible for tarnishing the appearance and shine of your precious jewelry. The good news? There are four helpful tips to preserve your wedding bands so that you can maintain their beauty throughout time.

Avoid Wearing During Cleaning

Cleaning and performing daily tasks around the house is the primary cause of dents, dings, and damage. Cleaning solutions contain harsh, abrasive chemicals that can affect your rings’ metal and gemstone integrity.

If you can help it, remember to remove all jewelry before handling soaps, detergents, and other solutions responsible for such damage.

Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

Periodically cleaning your bands and rings is crucial to removing dust, sweat, and the accumulation of buildup. Excessive cleaning is a “don’t” of diamond cleaning, as it can scuff jewelry and affect its shine. Consider visiting your local jeweler to have your accessories professionally cleaned and schedule future cleaning accordingly.

Store Your Bands in a Secure Place

Felt boxes and jewelry holders are some of the most secure spaces to keep your precious adornments. Soft padding protects rings and bands from dust and dirt, so don’t throw those neat boxes away!

Ask Your Jewelers About Stability Checks

Over time, everyday wear can result in gemstones loosening and prongs bending. Take your ring to your local jeweler and inquire about a stability check to avoid losing precious diamonds.

Tarnishing your jewelry’s appearance is just as easy as caring and maintaining its brilliance. You can save yourself the stress by incorporating these helpful tips to preserve your wedding bands so that they shine just as bright as they did on your special day.