Four of the Best Ford Vehicles Ever Made

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Four of the Best Ford Vehicles Ever Made

When you think of truly great American automobiles, names such as Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep come to mind. However, the most recognizable and influential of these brands is undoubtedly Ford. Read on to learn more about four of the best Ford vehicles ever made and how they impacted the automotive industry.

Model T (1908)

Parallel to Henry Ford implementing his signature assembly line system into his manufacturing processes in 1908, the Model T was instantly the fastest and most affordable vehicle to produce. As a result, millions of Americans—over 15 Million from 1908-1927—purchased and owned a Model T for themselves. Because of Ford and the Model T, automotive culture expanded to every American and grew in popularity, a common theme for many of the other cars on this list!

F-100 (1953)

In 1948, Ford proved their dominance once again with the creation of the F-Series and the release of the F-1, F-2, and F-3. By 1953, Ford introduced the second generation of F-Series trucks with the F-100. Many truck enthusiasts agree that the F-100, aside from being an incredibly hardy and reliable vehicle, is the most stylish street rod of all time. It inspired a new wave of utility trucks in mainstream America, and the F-Series remains popular to this day.

GT40 (1964)

If any automobile could count as an American hero, it’s undoubtedly the Ford GT40. Developed in 1964, this revolutionary race car made history when it beat Ferrari and won the 1966 Le Mans racing competition. Armed with a European-inspired chassis and pure-American V8 engine, the GT40 won three more Le Mans 24-hour contests, cementing it as the greatest Ford race car ever. This display of American ingenuity and flat-out dominance enhanced the reputation of cars manufactured in the US. In 2005, Ford issued a commercially-available GT— the GT mid-engine two-seater remains in production and is one of the most popular class S vehicles of all time.

Mustang (1964)

In the same year the GT40 began preparing for its four-year dominance at Le Mans, Ford blessed its loyal fanbase with perhaps the most recognizable American-made vehicle ever produced—the Mustang! Three different versions of the original Mustang were released throughout 1964 and into 1965, sparking a pop-culture frenzy over muscle cars and automobiles in general. Thanks in part to an aggressive advertising campaign, Ford sold 22,000 Mustang models on the very first day they were available. Notably, the Ford Mustang is the only American automobile with a new model released yearly, as popularity and intrigue in this classic never wains.

While these four models are among the best Ford vehicles ever made, the brand is not short of other amazing automotive options. For example, the F-Series remains one of the most popular lines of trucks in American history, while the Explorer is quickly dominating the SUV market. Ford even has a revitalized generation of Broncos that is ideal for off-roading enthusiasts. Ultimately, the Ford brand is an estimate of grit, determination, and the greatness of American innovation!