Fun Things To Do With Your Grandkids on Vacation

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Fun Things To Do With Your Grandkids on Vacation

Summer is here! Many families take advantage of this season’s great weather and break in schooling to go on big family vacations. If you’re a grandparent planning a trip with your grandkids for the summer but need help choosing activities for the itinerary, check out these awesome vacation ideas that both grandparents and grandkids will enjoy!

Charter a Boat

If you’re visiting a coastal destination, consider chartering a boat, catamaran, or yacht with your grandkids! You can sail across the sea and partake in various activities, including swimming, water skiing, taking cooking classes, and so on, depending on the amenities your charter vessel of choice provides.

Some worry about chartering being expensive, but it’s more affordable than you’d think. A one-day rental usually ranges between $500 and $1,000, which isn’t too bad for memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit a Museum

Museums are a fantastic way to acquaint yourself with a state or country’s art and history. There are also some really bizarre museums out there, like the Museum of Bad Art in Somerville, MA, the Bread Museum in Germany, and the Momofuko Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Japan. Kids will get a kick out of seeing these unique exhibits! Museum visits make an ideal grandparent-grandkid activity because they’re leisurely and interesting to both adults and kids.

Trek Through a National Park

Bask in the beauty of Mother Nature by taking your grandkids to a local national park! Every state and country has at least one national park to visit, and each park has its own unique sights to see and activities to do. You can go hiking, canoeing, fishing, snorkeling, rock climbing, birdwatching, or embark on a sky lift or ATV tour. The options are limitless, making it easy to customize your experience to your passions and your grandkids’ interests!

Attend a Local Festival

Whether it’s a carnival, a cultural festival, a food festival, or a music festival, events like these are a prime opportunity to mingle with the locals and have fun! Before you head off on your trip, look up local events and information about how to attend.

Japan is famous for its summer festivities, Italy has the Infiorata Festival of flower art, and the Dragon Boat Festival in China is a real spectacle! And those are just a few festivals you and your grandkids can attend across the globe.

These vacation activities for grandparents and their grandkids are fun, active, and educational! While you certainly don’t have to do all the activities on this list, you should consider weaving at least one into your holiday plans.