George Clooney: From Bachelor to Betrothed

After 25 years of dating several beautiful women, George Clooney, possibly the world’s most eligible bachelor, finally decided to settle down and proposed to girlfriend Amal Alamuddin. Stunning the world of pop culture, we all wondered, “What is it about Amal that has finally convinced Clooney to consider long-term commitment?”

Intrigued by encounters with a number of women who clearly found George Clooney fascinating, D. H. Barkley settled down to get to the bottom of why women want Clooney, and other unattainable men in general. Through extensive research of Clooney’s dating history and current thinking in today’s society on how we choose a suitable mate and sustain long-standing romantic relationships, Barkley explores possible answers to our burning questions in her new book, George Clooney: From Bachelor to Betrothed.

“As a self-confessed workaholic with an apparent need for control, a strong self-protection mechanism and old-style male values, and a key support system involving a band of like-minded ‘boys’,” says Barkley, “finding the right soul-mate and staying with them, particularly given the public spotlight, was never going to be easy for Clooney, nor anyone with similar characteristics. But was it impossible?”

Entertaining, with details of this celebrity serial dater, and insightful, thanks to her romantic relationship research, an interview with Barkley will highlight:

  • Why Clooney remained single for so long
  • Why the women of his past, from Kelly Preston to Stacy Keibler, didn’t last
  • Why women fall for him and he falls for certain women
  • The characteristics of Clooney that may have ended his previous relationships
  • Is Amal Alamuddin really the one
  • What’s needed in a partner for a long-term commitment
  • Why women are attracted to unattainable men

After qualifying as an MD at London University, D. H. Barkley practiced as a physician for many years, specializing in acute hospital medicine. Having moved to Switzerland because of her husband’s job and finding it hard to pursue a fulfilling career there herself, she founded a business providing writing services on medical and scientific topics for healthcare professionals, policy makers, and the public. She ran the growing company for several years, overseeing its global operations in Europe and USA.

After selling the business, she decided to do something completely different and, with her interest piqued by encounters with a number of women who clearly found George Clooney fascinating but were so different to the women he has dated, she settled down to write her first book, George Clooney: From Bachelor to Betrothed. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and two boisterous border collies. She has one son and one daughter who visit when their washing baskets are full and their fridges are empty.

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George Clooney: From Bachelor to Betrothed is available on Amazon, Barnes & and other major online booksellers. 50% of net author proceeds from the book will be donated to Clooney’s charity, Not On Our Watch.