Get to Work! | Indoor Spring Cleaning Guide

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Get to Work! | Indoor Spring Cleaning Guide

Winter has passed, and the temperature is rising. Before the dog days of summer set in and you shut the house up again in favor of A/C and low humidity, do some spring cleaning. No matter where you are in the country, spring cleaning is an annual event that every house should undergo. Take the opportunity to shake out some old rugs, dust some pictures and shelves, and get rid of some junk you don’t need anymore. Opening the house and letting fresh air in is always good for your health and soul. The easiest thing to do is hire someone else and let them take care of it. You’re a doer, though, a go-getter and capable of cleaning your own home. Use this indoor spring cleaning guide and get busy.

Clean the Carpets

While you are surely capable, you might want to let the pros handle this. Carpet cleaning is something that is better left to the professionals. They have the equipment and know-how already, so you don’t have to learn on the fly. The carpets are home to dust, debris, and creepy-crawly things that you don’t want to know about. A good carpet-cleaning will freshen up your home and make it look great.

Clean the Windows Inside and Out

There’s an old joke about not cleaning windows, but it’s fun. You never really notice how dirty they are when you look through them every day, but they are. The outside might be hard to get at, but it’s just as important to clean as the inside. Inside the house the windows probably get cleaned more often, especially if you have grandkids visiting. Make sure to get every window in the house.

Empty the Pantry and Refrigerator

Food doesn’t last forever, as you already know. Empty out the refrigerator and the pantry and toss any food that is past the expiration date. Once they are empty, give both a good scrubbing. Spilled food in the back of the fridge can go unnoticed and become a stain. The same goes for the pantry. Rotted onions or potatoes in the back of the pantry will invite ants and bugs.

Check All the Detectors

Being a responsible homeowner means you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home. Those only work if the batteries in them are fresh. Go around the house and check all your detectors to make sure they are working properly. Check the batteries and replace them if need be.

Put Away the Winter Clothes

Save some space in your dresser and closets by putting away the winter clothes. You won’t need sweaters in July, so there’s no need to have them hanging in the closet. The same goes for the sweatshirts, wool socks, coats, and hats. Go through those clothes too; if you haven’t worn something in a few years, toss it out with the old food.