Great Ideas for Second Careers Later in Life

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Great Ideas for Second Careers Later in Life

It’s common for many people to realize during the early stages of their retirement that they want to start a second career. While secondary careers are often less fast-paced or intense than past professions, these jobs can help keep your mind stimulated and body active. Review our list of great ideas for second careers later in life to learn more about your potential next profession.

Real Estate Agent

There are many reasons why people pursue a second career as a real estate agent. The only necessary qualifications to become a realtor are a high school diploma, completion of real estate courses, and a realtor license. 

Not only is becoming a real estate highly accessible, but this profession can also lead to a successful income.

When working with a real estate broker, note the amount of commission offered through your broker. You can find 100% commission real estate brokers in Florida, Georgia, and other surrounding states to guarantee that your second career supports the second half of your life.

Qualities of a Potential Real Estate Agent 

  • Enjoys customer service 
  • Strong sales background 
  • Highly organized 

Dog Walker

If you’ve recently retired and found yourself too bored to stay inside the house any longer, consider starting a second career as a dog walker! This profession is perfect for those who are searching for a job with low commitment. Dog walkers create their schedule and network of customers to arrange times to walk dogs in their neighborhood.

While this salary may differ from your first profession, this stress-free job will keep you active while earning a steady cash flow.

Qualities of a Potential Dog Walker 

  • Loves animals 
  • Enjoys physical activity 
  • Prefers a flexible schedule


Sometimes earning a living means putting your passions to the side. If photography is an unexplored hobby of yours, consider homing in on this craft. Photographers have a less steady income than other professions; however, this job is ideal for exploring a highly fulfilling second career.

Qualities of a Potential Photographer 

  • Enjoys art 
  • Has passion for photography 
  • Prefers working alone

Library Technician

Those who enjoy organization and want to find a second career that will keep their mind active should consider becoming a library technician. This career involves working with librarians to complete daily organization and customer service tasks. This job’s pace is slower than most careers and is flexible for those looking for a less intense commitment.

Qualities of a Potential Library Technician 

  • Highly organized 
  • Task-orientated 
  • Enjoys customer service 

Starting a second career is exciting and incredibly fulfilling. Review our list of great ideas for second careers later in life to explore your options and find a profession that satisfies your goals and passions.