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sally square deskTopBy Sally Franz

Being a Baby Boomer is fantastic. More choices, wisdom from the past and memories. You know what you like, you know how to get what you like and you like the life you have…

Or not. There are a few snafus along the way. Divorce, financial ruin, loved ones dying and then of course there are the health issues that plagues a lot of us. So what are you going to do? If you’re like me you’ll look at the funny side of life.

In my humor book, “The Baby Boomers Guide to Menopause” I make fun of ,well, ur, um, all the fun I am having with the change of life: hot flashes, memory loss, mood swings, you name it. There is a something funny about every one of these weird morphing moments. And it helps if you have lots of silly friends who are going through this with you. Even better if you can remember their names.

In my book, “Scrambled Leggs…a snarky tale of hospital hooey” I chronicle my mandatory performance into the hospital system when I was struck down by a rare auto-immune disease. Your brain really gets challenged when you go from having the body of a 34 year old (okay I was 54, but I was super athletic) to that of an 84 year old in 30 minutes. And here’s a hot tip, morphine does not enhance mental acuity. As if becoming paralyzed from the waist down wasn’t bad enough I found the healthcare system to be completely out of touch with reality. Or at least with my reality. Seriously, I still have to push a button for help and wait 20 minutes for a response. I could get faster service if I called 911 from my hospital bed.

I have become that grumpy old lady and I like her a lot.

Download the first 3 chapters from Sally’s Amazon listed book, “Scrambled Leggs.”.