Helpful Safety Tips for Parking Garage Managers

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Helpful Safety Tips for Parking Garage Managers

Running parking garages requires a big focus on occupant safety. Unfortunately, some of the biggest safety tips aren’t as obvious as others. That said, learning the ropes isn’t as tough as you might think. So read these helpful safety tips for parking garage managers to ensure your facility is responsible.

Install Clearly Visible Signage

Visibility is key in parking garages for a few reasons, and safety is a big factor. However, if the signage in your garage isn’t clearly visible, it can distract or confuse visitors. Drivers should stay aware of their surroundings, as any moment they’re not monitoring the environment poses a threat.

Thankfully, clear signage helps drivers read indicators quickly and correctly, so they can get their eyes back on the road sooner. Common types of parking garage signage include navigational arrows and indicators for exits, entrances, walkways, emergency phones, or parking spots.

Provide Sufficient Lighting

Thanks to good lighting, anyone driving or walking around the parking garage should have ample awareness of their surroundings. Suffice it to say, in navigating areas where people and automobiles move around regularly, awareness of one’s surroundings is always crucial. Plus, providing sufficient lighting in your parking garage also creates an inviting environment.

Beyond being aware of moving cars, ample lighting ensures anyone walking through parking garages knows of any criminals nearby. At the end of the day, providing great lighting is a safety tip for parking garage managers that has one of the biggest impacts on the facility.

Set Up Ample Monitoring Devices

Like lights, security cameras provide peace of mind to anyone in the parking garage. Likewise, cameras will help you catch crimes that occur in the parking garage. However, hiring security guards also sets the right atmosphere and can help stop crimes immediately. So if you don’t have a dedicated security team in place, consider hiring one.

Furthermore, don’t forget the significant reasons carbon monoxide detectors are important for parking garages. If you don’t already have a functioning carbon monoxide monitoring system in place, set one up as soon as possible. Remember, although carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it’s still incredibly dangerous.