Home Improvement Projects That You Should Never DIY

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Home Improvement Projects That You Should Never DIY

These days, everyone is getting in on the DIY action. There are tons of terrific projects families can dig into around the house. However, there are a few tasks that require a lot of knowledge and should never be DIYed. Attempting these tasks could get a homeowner in way over their head, wasting time, money, and possibly even damaging their home.

Don’t Renovate Toxic Materials

This, hopefully, is one of the more obvious home improvement projects you should never DIY. However, with old houses, this advice is much less clear. Some homes are lined with hard-to-spot asbestos tiles or are coated in lead-based paints. What may seem like an easy day’s work of fixing up the floor or sanding down weathered paint can actually be very toxic. If you’re unsure, it is always best to consult an expert and have dangerous materials removed for you.

Leave the Trades To Tradesman

While we all like to fancy ourselves as well-skilled and informed individuals, there are good reasons why people get educated to do certain work. Skills like plumbing and electrical work require years of apprenticeship and hands-on toil to truly master. When an amateur attempts this kind of work, the results are often disastrous—and sometimes in ways the would-be house fixer does not realize. Plumbing may leak in subtle places that cause a slow encroach of mold or may be inefficient and cause incorrect water pressure and use. Electrical wires can become messy and, of course, are also very dangerous without proper understanding.

Avoid Complex Structure Building

More great home improvement projects that you should never DIY are ones that hinge on perfect structure and alignment. For instance, tasks like insulating and drywalling are not particularly hard. However, making a mistake can result in cracked and uneven walls, as well as mystery drafts around the house. Fences are another to-avoid DIY project without prior experience, as a lot of things can go wrong. Adding or removing components can seem simple, but often, there are fine details that come with years of experience. Changing or adding windows and skylights should never be done except by a professional, as it ]can easily result in moisture, mold, and drafts.